Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

Nissan has been one of the giant automobile manufacturer for decades. How they evolved and brought various vehicles to meet various demands of a wide range of people- from families, to business, through adventure, carrier, high performance racers, is just awe-inspiring!

Still, there are some models that this Japanese titan has brought enough to make you worship them from the inside. One of this mighty creations of Nissan is the Skyline GT-R R34. This magnificent piece of a beast has dominated a time, culture and tradition and defined a whole generation of youth craze!

The start of the Nissan’s Skyline career

Skyline GT-R is basically the Skyline series of Nissan’s high performance sports car. The very first one to hit the market was KPGC110 in 1973. This was already in touring car race events. So, the very first child was born to burn and heat up against the asphalt. While it did rock and roll in the 1970s the production of any further Skyline series was on halt and dormant until 1989.

In the late 1980s Nissan decided to carry out the legacy of their mighty skyline GT-R series and brought the R32 in 1989. With this launch, the GT-R R32 already dominated the Japanese touring car championship over a span of four years. GT-R R32 was launched as the Group A series vehicle administered by FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).

Godzilla Returns

The incredible high performance of the Nissan R32 gained itself a nickname of ‘Godzilla’. This name was introduced by the Australian automobile magazine Wheels. The name broke out and spread all over so fast. The name was there until the most iconic R-34 Skyline GT-R series was launched. The name gained ‘Godzilla Returns’. Cringe but does dominate like that though.

In between Skyline GT-R had gone through some generation of mighty GT-R series. All of them stood high against the test of the time.

Yet, what was coming for the fifth generation of Skyline GT-R was something yet to shock the world. It was 1999 when Nissan launched their fifth generation series of Skyline GT-R R-34. This piece of monster became the icon of the Nissan’s high praiseworthy development of high spec sports car.

Lot of functional and performance upgrade was phenomenon.

Nissan Skyline fifth generation

With its massive upgrades in technological and performance aspects, this car surprised everyone. The GT-R R34 was also used in the film such as 2 fast 2 furious franchise of Fast and Furious film. The car was driven by the beloved late Paul Walker.

Since then this car has become even more exposed and set an entire cult follower and enthusiast on the fly. An entire generation soon dreamed of having this car. Many people could not just simply afford one, not because of the price but legal issues in US. Skyline GT-R was banned from US due to its high performance, which made this twin-turbocharged beast impossible to catch in the chase as well as the major issue, none of the GT-R goes with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard and Regulations (FMVVS).

Now people can import a Nissan Skyline GT-R only if the car is at least 25 years old.

Nissan Skyline GT-R series was disbanded after the R34 production after 2002. They started building just GT-R version without the Skyline onwards.