How can you chose a car with a safe fuel system?

A car tank itself is not a complex part of a vehicle. Yet, it can be damaged in several ways which will then affect the overall performance of a car. Unfortunately, dome of the damages of this part of a vehicle can be potentially dangerous and lead to an explosion. As you can imagine, this is life-threatening to a driver and passengers. For that reason, you should keep the car tank in a good condition and, what is more important, purchase a car with a safe fuel system.

Avoid the models with the worst fuel systems

In the majority of cases, a harsh mechanical impact on a car tank can lead to explosion of this part of car. Yet, it does not necessarily have to finish like this and some car tanks are less vulnerable to getting thus seriously damaged than others. At the same time, some of the car models are widely regarded as the most dangerous because of their fuel systems.

The Ford Pinto

The Ford Pinto is considered to be one of the most unsafe cars when it comes to the fuel system. Unfortunately, this model lacked reinforcements which should have been located around the fuel tank. Because of this fact, it was particularly easy to damage the fuel tank in this car. The situation was even worsened by the location of the tank which was situated on the rear of the hatchback which itself was of a rather small size. Most of the explosions of this car occurred when it was rear-ended.


One of the most notorious killers among the cars’ gas tanks was the one of the GM’s vehicles. Over ten thousand trucks were equipped into such a fuel system during the period between 1988 and 1991. The entire killing career of this fuel tanks had lasted until 2009, when the company finally agreed to recall the production of its cars. By that time, the side tank of GM had already killed over two thousand people.

Actually, in the case of this poor design, engineers of GM had been unhappy about the car tans since 1960, but nothing was done about that for a rather long time despite all of the complaints of car constructing specialists and reported deaths.

The Mercury BobCat

The fuel system of the Mercury BobCat was somewhat resembling the one used in The Ford Pinto, especially its position in the back part of the car. Fortunately, the rate of deaths caused by this car model was not thus large as it was in the case of GM, nevertheless, it was also impressive. 180 had died before the model was recalled.

How can you pick a car with a safe tank?

Now, you can imagine how crucial it is to have a car model with a safe car tank. This is crucial to ask a salesperson about this element of a car which unfortunately many buyers do not do. Actually, they somehow are more interested in technical parameters regarding the performance of the fuel system rather than its safety. That is why you should keep it in mind during shopping for a new car.

Of course, you will be able to prepare for a purchase better if you check some information on the fuel system of a model you are interested in before consulting a specialist. As you can imagine, many salespeople will not tell you that there is something wrong with a fuels system of the cars they are selling.