More facts to learn about Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO is one of the best-selling off-road vehicles you can find on the market. You might have already gone through the information gathered in the previous article, however, there is still more details about this car you should know, especially if you would like to purchase it!

Additional features of Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

The Tacoma TRD pro comes in with lot of extra features that you pay for. You have sun roof as well. If you are looking for luxurious interior Toyota Tacoma TRD is not what you should be looking for. Tacoma TRD has a standard and limited use case of functionality since it has been designed for thrill seeker going crazy on off-road. But that does not keeps the modern features like Navigation screen with surround view camera, audio and such features out. There is also a very useful feature which helps you monitor the vehicles when you go off-road including the track information of what’s coming up ahead.

Extra functionality of the interior

Tacoma also comes with another most useful off-road feature is the multi-terrain select system. With two buttons called ‘crawl’ and ‘mts’. Both of the front side seats have three stages of heat, power adjustments, dual zone climate, mirror heaters, blind spot warning, collision mitigation and load of others features. The gauge cluster is like one of those Toyota’s back dated digital style display in the middle with pair of two analogue tachometer and speedometer on both sides.

The disadvantages of Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

There is some downside about getting this truck if you will be using it for long commute on the freeway, this truck is certainly the one you should not be looking at.

You still do have cruise control but no lane tracing. There is one which is lane detection, which is comparing to the modern technology is straight off rudimentary.

I mean, it is okay to have just lane detection since we are talking off-road here with a truck but people do expect to have more features when you are spending 50 grand on a truck.

One of the reason professionals or enthusiast do not recommend this truck, especially tall people, is the seating position is so bad for tall people. But all these downside set aside Tacoma still holds it ground to dominate off-road.

One of the downside people felt is the designers of Tacoma did not though too much about the passengers mainly not giving them enough space. There is also not too much of functionality and service available to you other than cup holders. In this car, you will not find even an arm rest.

Price of this bad boy is $50,733.