Meet Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Toyota is one of the names in the world of automobile that resonates from the regular street to the burning asphalt of the scorching hot tracks, on and off road. This leading Japanese automobile giant has held its reign since 1970s and is still dominating the largest market in the world. This is possible not because of their personal influence over market but the quality of vehicles, they manufactured gained trust and confidence of millions all over the world.

Toyota’s off-road vehicles

When it comes down to vehicle you want to take out for a sprint where the low on road vehicles cannot go, you certainly need an off-road vehicle. Designed to give you the optimal off-road experience to you that requires such a vehicle. There are a lot of Toyota’s off-road vehicles out there. One of the top notch, off-road ready monster that you should know about is mighty Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO. This is a total beast and listed as one of the best off-road vehicles of the time.

The design of Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Right off the bat, the design and look itself is enough to attract you to this bad boy. One of the most neat and distinguishable features of the appearance of Toyotas is their colours. You will find various of factory set colours that really stand out all so well!

With the new 2022 Tacoma TRD out, the ground height is increased to half inch in the back and 1.5 inch in the front from its predecessor’s model. This makes the whole approach angle to a whopping 36.4 degrees. This has a forged upper control arms for strength and extra travel with an additional good graphics to reduce the glare. This is carefully thought feature that already makes this car stand out.

Going under the hood you will notice the 3.5 liter V6 engine that screams out 278 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque connected to the part time four wheel drive system. Tacoma goes 18 miles with a gallon inside town and 21 miles to the highway.

The tire included from the factory is the Good Year Wrangler territory all-terrain tire. These tires have Kevlar sidewalls wrapped around a 16-inch alloy wheel that looks really sharp!

The interior of Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO

The back of the truck is neatly finished. The bed size is five foot short bed. This one being a mid-size off-road truck pretty much does the job carrying 1155 pound of weight of payload. In the back, you will also find an AC power rated 400 watts. You do have bed lights available to you.

About the front of the interior, the very first thing you will notice is you have to prepare yourself to climb up due to the height of the Tacoma. I mean, this is not a complain. Hey, we are talking about a off-road ready vehicle. The design pattern is kind of the same as its predecessors for past decade with slight variations of course. You have the button to power up this beast.

Towing capacity is 6400 pounds. Tacoma TRD is a double cab.