HT Aero by XPeng can be purchased in 2024

What is the future of the automobile industry? Electric cars are nothing new to us any more. The current design works are now heavily focused on the creation of the passenger cars which can both drive and fly. Even though the models of such vehicles which are have already been created by engineers are not capable of long flights, they can still prove to be very useful.

The latest news from the market of flying cars are very exciting. Chinese XPeng Motors which is currently a major rival of Tesla has already developed its own model of a flying car which is supposed to be available for purchase in 2024.

What is the technology used in the Chinese HT Aero flying car?

The model of a flying car developed by the engineers of XPeng Motors is called HT Aero. This car is using two foldable propellers equipped into rotating engines for flying. This car is capable of both driving and flying.

In order to control the vehicle during a flight, a driver who will actually become a pilot for the time of the flight, will need to use a special lever. During the rest of the time, the navigation of the car can be achieved with the help of a regular steering wheel.

Is HT Aero safe?

Of course, it is difficult to be absolutely sure of any new good which has just been developed, however, the engineers of XPeng have paid particular attention to their car.

One of the systems they have added to this model for making it safer for users is the system for identifying the weather conditions which will help them to take the car into the air and land it in a secure way.

In addition to it, such cars will be equipped into a special system for identifying any possible obstacles on the way. Certainly, this will increase the overall safety of using such a car.

For how long will one be able to fly by HT Aero?

As it has already been noticed, flying cars are not featured with a capacity of flying for a long time. When it comes to HT Aero developed by XPeng Motors, the maximum time of a flight will be around 25 minutes.

What is the maximum speed of HT Aero?

Undoubtedly, one of the most curious questions about a newly developed model of a flying car regards its maximum speed. Right now, the engineers of XPeng Motors expect their vehicle to have the maximum limit of speed equal to 130 km/h.

When will consumers be able to purchase HT Aero?

The mass production of this vehicle is planned for 2024, however, the company assumes it might be possible that they need to make some adjustments in the car in order to keep its price within the budget. Basically, XPeng Motors want to sell the car for 157 thousand dollar.

What can you use such a car for?

Finally, what is the reason to buy such a car in the first place? Of course, its ability to fly sounds absolutely cool, however, as you now know, the overall time of flying by such a car will not be long.

The designers of HT Aero can see their vehicle being used for short flight inside cities. They also believe such cars can be useful for flying to airports.