Amazing accessories and clothes for real car enthusiasts

Do you have a friend or a relative whose love for cars and driving has turned into a real passion? Then, giving a present related to cars to such a person will be a great idea. Yet, you might have already bought any possible electronic gadget and given the entire variety of goods for car care to them. You might have also presented them one or several encyclopedias about cars or albums with car photos. Still, as every year, the holidays are coming and you have to make up your mind with the decision about the next gift.

This article comprises interesting and not so obvious ideas for the presents for real driving devotees. Check our list and choose the one most suitable for your friend or relative.

Clothes and other branded items

One of the most practical gift is a piece of clothes and a garment related to the automotive world will be not only useful but also pleasing for any car lover.

Kareless’ T-shirts

If you are looking for a great design of a T-shirt related to cars, you should pay your attention to the Kareless online store which is dedicated not only to car enthusiasts but also to the devotees of extreme sports and motorcycles.

Actually, check this shop to create the best gift for a car-lover you know since here you can also find hats, stickers, keychains and a number of other accessories.

R&T clothes

For more ideas for clothes and apparel which will make any car enthusiast happy, visit R&T Shop offering branded goods from Road & Track. The gifts available in this store are of the high quality and stylish design which is based primarily on the R&T logo.

R&T Shop provides its customers with a large variety of goods, for instance, here you will find not only traditional T-shirts but also other garments such as long-sleeves.

Socks for the fans of cars

If you are yourself in love with cars and driving, you might have already heard about legendary Heel Tread socks. These socks are featured by a unique designed closely related to the automotive world allowing you to express your passion for cars in a more elaborate way than with T-shirts displaying car brands.

Heel Tread Socks are using exclusive styles and patterns closely connected with particular car models. For instance, among their designs, you can find socks with the exact pattern which featured the original model of Volkswagen GTI. Some of the most popular products of Heel Tread are also socks with the original colours of BMW’s M division. Note that the design of Heel Tread socks makes them suitable for wearing with classic suits and official clothes as well as with casual clothes.

A pair of Heel Tread Socks can be purchased for 14 USD.

Honda Vintage Culture clothes

Even more exclusive branded clothes is offered by Honda Vintage Culture. The design of their T-shirts are based on the original Honda’s licensed images presenting the racing heritage of this famous brand. A unique collection of their clothes includes T-shirts with the pictures of the RA271 F1 race car as well as zipper jackets with a sophisticated design resembling the vintage uniform of the Honda’s factory mechanic workers in 1960. Needless to say, you will hardly find anything of this type anywhere else.

The price for a T-shirt in the official online store of Honda Vintage Culture is 30 USD.

Other accessories

The list of presents for car enthusiasts is not limited only by branded clothes or souvenirs such as keychains or coffee mugs. There are even more great ideas to explore!

Handmade Fordite Jewellery

If cars and driving are your real passion, you can’t miss an opportunity of purchasing the jewellery created by Urban Relic Design. For the creation of their necklaces, rings, earrings and cufflinks, the company is using a unique material known as fordite or motor agate.

Fordite comes straight from the automotive plants where it can be found in the machines used for manufacturing cars. Motor agate is formed by layers of paint used for painting cars and it creates a fantastic visual effect once polished thoroughly. The artists from Urban Relic Design combine these artificial gemstones with such metals stainless steel, silver and gold.

The prices from the jewellery made from fordite are starting from 210 USD.

Driving gloves

Of course, you will hardly meet a person driving a car in special driving gloves today, however, they can be particularly useful. First of all, gloves make the grip on the steering wheel is a way stronger giving you more control over your car. Secondly, driving a car without a roof can be a bit chilly under particular weather conditions such as autumn or spring mornings.

Undeniably, the gloves for driving should have a particular design, making them suitable for using your car. One of the best choices of such an item Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves. Apart from its elegant design, these gloves are also extremely comfortable. Their soft skin allows you to feel free while using them whereas the back side of the gloves covered with a special stitched material allows your hands to breath.

A pair of Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves costs around 125 USD.