Great ideas for presents for real motorheads

In all likelihood, at least one of your friends is a real car enthusiast or a person who spends the greatest part of the time in the car because of one’s work. It is also possible that you are one of such people as well. In such a case, you should definitely look through this list of gadgets that will prove useful inside any car. They can be great presents for your friends or something you need yourself.

An FM transmitter

The models of cars without a USB plug or an auxiliary input are still widely popular, however, it doesn’t mean that the owners of such vehicles have to listen to their favourite music only via a CD or MP3 player. A wonderful alternative to such players is a solid FM transmitter.

A good example of such a device is the Nulaxy FM transmitter. You can connect your phone with Nulaxy via a TF card, an aux cable or Bluetooth. Not only will you be able to listen to your favourite music while driving your car, but you will also be able to answer your phone. For your convenience, the Nulaxy FM transmitter has a 1.4-inch screen and a large button on the front panel for quick managing your calls.

Smart car speakers/chargers

Today, you can find a great variety of multi-purpose smart car gadgets that can help you with different tasks on the go. For example, Anker’s Roav VIVA is using Alexa for playing music, navigation or even ordering food, whereas the major function of this device is charging your phone. Roav VIVA has two chargers while the device itself is plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Smart car chargers of this type can be connected with a car via FM transmission, Carplay, Bluetooth or AUX-Out.

A dash camera

Having a camera inside one’s car is nothing new today as more and more people are realising how useful it can be during accidents or other unpleasant situations on the road. Still, you should be aware of the fact this widely used gadget is being constantly developed, so now you can find better and better models on the market.

One of the best dash cameras available today is Roav S1. This model has an LCD screen and is capable of capturing the footage featured by 1080p resolution with a frame speed of 60 frames per second. Roav S1 has a car charger with two ports.

One of the greatest features of the Roav S1 dash camera is its motion-activated gravity sensor. The sensor will turn on the camera whenever it detects any hit or bump so as the camera will be able to record it. In addition to it, a special design of the camera protects it against extreme temperatures, thus you will be able to leave the device outside no matter whether it is hot or chilly out.

A car starter

A car starter is an extremely useful item that can come in handy in many unexpected situations. If only you have a car starter inside your vehicle, you will be able to recharge its battery and continue driving.

An example of some top car starters offered by the manufacturers is GOOLOO. This is an 800-amp model weighing 1.16 pounds with the capacity of 18,000 mAh. The GOOLOO car starter has a LED indicator that will tell you about the condition of the battery which can be indicate as one of three modes such as a normal one, strobe and SOS.

A great feature of the GOOLOO model is the design of its clamps that were created in the way allowing you to avoid many dangers including high temperatures, overcharging or short circuits. At the same time, GOOLOO is a really compact gadget that can fit almost any place in your vehicle, even the glove compartment of the car.

An inflatable coach

In some situations, you have to sleep inside your car which is not necessarily the most convenient place for having a rest. Fortunately, you can find backseat inflatable couches on the market that can be placed in the space where normally you have your legs while driving or enjoying the ride as a passenger. In such a way, you will get a flat sleeping area. There are different models of inflatable car couches available on the market, but usually they have a special pump for inflating as well as a pair of air pillows.

A roof box

If you are travelling a lot by your car, you might need an additional place for your luggage. In such a case, you will definitely benefit from getting a roof box that can be attached to the top surface of the car.

One of the great models of such roof boxes that can be found on the market today is Thule Motion XT XX. This one is featured with the following dimensions: 91.5 x 37.5 x 18-inch and will provide you with additional 22 cubic feet of storage. Thule Motion XT XX is hardshell and it can be accessed from each side of your car. The weight capacity of this roof box model is 165 pounds.

Providing you are interested in purchasing exactly this model of a roof box, check its size beforehand since the manufacturer offers several options.