The best electronic and multifunctional devices for your car

Even if you think your brand-new model of a passenger car has all possible gadgets and functions, we are sure there are still many items you can add to equip your vehicle even better. Our list contains a variety of amazing things which will prove to be useful not only for you, but also for your friends and relatives who also have cars. That is why you should check this article with particular attention since some of the things described here are perfect gifts for drivers.

Multifunctional devices

Check the possibilities offered by the use of these multifunctional devices which will make the life of any driver easier.


Are you struggling with a number of keys you have to take with yourself on a daily basis? Keeping all the keys under control can be a rather complicated task. If you or your friend or relative are suffering from the overwhelming amount of keys which should be managed regularly, you should pay your attention to the stylish KeySmart key organiser.

KeySmart is an unusual key organiser designed as a jackknife. The organiser has a space for up to ten keys which can be installed inside the handler just in like the tools are installed in jackknives. Of course, you can attach your car key to the organiser as well.

There are several versions of KeySmart made of different materials and available in different colours. You can find plastic, aluminium and leather organisers on the market. In addition to it, you can also purchase a Pro version of KeySmart which even more functions including a flashlight and even the integration of Tile for GPS tracking. You can enrich the organiser by adding pliers, a bottle opener or a USB driver to it.

A great feature of KeySmart is that it can be stored in quite small spaces like purses or pockets.

You will find KeySmart for the price of nearly 50 USD on the market.

Apollo Neuro Wearable Stress Reliever

A really cool present for any person and, particularly, drivers who are prone to getting anxious during various unpleasant incidents on the road is Apollo Neuro Wearable Stress Reliever.

Apollo Neuro Wearable Stress Reliever looks like a bracelet available in two colour versions. This is a wearable device which was designed by neuroscientists and it can do various things to your body. Whether you are feeling depressed, stressed, anxious or something doesn’t allow you to get focused which is rather risky while you are behind a steering wheel, you can switch your stress reliever to appropriate mode and it will change your mood and feeling within minutes.

Electronic devices

Have you already got one of these devices? If not, you might be interested in their amazing functions.

Electronic locks

Everyone has some things which should be protected with extra care. The best way to do it, is to use an electronic lock with a fingerprint sensor. You will find several options of such locks on the market, whereas one of the most favourite devices of car drivers is Tapplock.

Tapplock One costs 99 USD. This lock is completely waterproof which mean you can use it not only inside but also outside. The lock can be enabled with the help of Bluetooth and it needs only 0.8 second in order to be opened by touching the sensor with your finger. This is extremely convenient since you do not have to remember any combinations in order to unlock Tapplock One whereas the sensitivity to your fingerprints is the actually the best protection for your possessions. Still, if you allow someone else to open the lock during your absence, it can be easily managed with the help of a special app.

You can also purchase a smaller version of Tapplock which costs 20 USD less. Actually, Tapplock Light is just not as large as the original lock. It still has all of the functions of Tapplock One.

Uber Appliance Chill 2.0 Mini Fridge

Mini fridge is something which will prove to be useful for everyone, especially Uber Appliance Chill 2.0 Mini Fridge which also has mode for keeping food warm.

For a modest price of nearly 60 USD, you can get a stylish lightweight mini fridge that can be easily transported inside of your trunk and taken from your car to another car if needed. This fridge has enough space for several cans with your favourite beverages as well as some snacks you are going to eat on the road. If you are living in the area where the temperatures can go rather low, you will definitely be glad to use the opportunity to keep your food warm inside this unusual fridge.

AIR PIX Pocket-Size Flying Camera

If you know a passionate driver who is also a fan of making photos, you can make him or her happy by giving AIR PIX Pocket-Size Flying Camera to this person as a gift. You will be able to control the movements of this camera hovering in the air with the help of a special mobile app. The camera gives you unique opportunities to make photos inside your car with the people accompanying your trip.

Although the battery of the camera isn’t particularly impressive and tends to last for a somewhat short time, you will be able to charge via the USB port located in the centre console of your car.