The history of the development of cars

Are you a real car devotee who enjoys not only the speed and movement, but is also curious about the entire history of the development of this popular device? Of course, for real enthusiasts, cars are not just vehicles, they are a way of expressing one’s own personality since a car in a way is an extension of one’s own individuality.

If you wish to know about cars as much as possible, you will certainly like this article which comprises some peculiar facts about the history of the development of cars.

The self-propelled vehicles before the invention of the first car

Many people are aware of the invention of an automobile, however, not everyone knows about the time when the first self-propelled vehicle was designed.

Actually, this had happened more than a century before the invention of the first car. The first vehicle of such a type was created in 1769. This vehicle was called Cugnot Fardier by its inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. The vehicle itself was a modified tricycle with a steam-powered engine.

The first internal combustion engine

As far as you know, automobiles are not using steam engines. Yet, are you aware for how long an internal combustion engine has already existed?

The invention of an IC engine is not so new. In fact, this device has already been available for people for over 200! Researchers believe the first internal combustion engine called The Pyréolophore was created by Nicephore Niepce in 1807.

When did everything start?

Real devotees of cars know that the first automobile was created in 1885. The creator of this amazing vehicle was Carl Benz. Note that this had happened before the invention of the car of Henry Ford.

Needless to say, the first car was very different from what we can see today. The first automobile called Benz Patent Motorwagen had only one cylinder in its four-stroke engine. The engine was installed in a horizontal position in the chassis which did not even look similar to the chasses of modern cars. Although you can imagine the speed of Benz Patent Motorwagen was pretty small, you might not be aware of the fact how small it actually was. In fact, the first car’s maximum speed was only 16 km per hour.

The application for the patent for the Carl Benz’s first automobile was accepted in 1886. The number of this application was DRP – 37435. This document is popularly known as the birth certificate of the automobile. The registration of the patent took place in German Imperial Patent Office which is located in Berlin.