Turn your car into a blooming garden with the best air fresheners available on the market

No matter whether your car is a brand-new purchase or you have been using it for decades, we are sure  you would like to have a fresh aroma inside your vehicle instead of stinky air. Undeniably, one of the classic ways to improve the freshness of the air inside a car is with the help of an immortal Christmas tree which has been a necessary car accessory for millions of people around the world. Fortunately, the modern market of car sprays, diffusers and scents have undergone a real evolution giving drivers and their passengers a large choice of more natural and pleasant smells for cars.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can’t just call any type of smell as the best since different people have different preferences. While you will be enjoying the aroma inside your car, your passengers might struggle with an unpleasant odour. For that reason, you should remember that a pleasant scent is a very individual issue. Our list simply contains the products which are liked by the greatest number of the customers of popular online stores.


Here you will find some of the favourite car scents of the people who are actually using air-fresheners in their vehicles.

Gent Scents Air Fresheners

Gent Scents Air Fresheners are small thin planks made of wood and infused with absolutely different aromas including such fragrances as Sandalwood and Orange Spice. You can fix such a plank to a special visor clip made of metal.

One of the crucial things about Gent Scents Air Fresheners is that you can’t simply purchase one scented plank. Actually, these air fresheners are distributed on the basis of a subscription. For the price of 7.99 USD per month, the service will deliver a new plank with a chosen fragrance.

Happy Wax Air Freshener

Although Happy Wax Air Freshener is, at some point, a descendant of the infamous Christmas tree since it is also supposed to be hang on the rear-view mirror, still, this scent is a way more nose-friendly.

Happy Wax Air Freshener has a shape of a cute bear and it is infused with delicate fragrances. Some of the most popular ones are the smells such as Coastal Tide, Calming Lavender and Citron mandarin. Whether the fragrances of Happy Wax Air Freshener are made of natural essential oils or not, they are definitely free from overpowering chemical substances.


Although many people use air fresheners in the form of aerosols in their homes, some of the aerosols designed for cars are working in a different way, for instance, being applied only once and leaving a long-lasting effect. Here you will find the information about the most frequently purchased air-freshening car aerosols.

Turtle Wax Odor-X Whole Car Blast

One of the aerosols that should be applied in one shot is Turtle Wax Odor-X Whole Car Blast which is actually sold a s a two-pack. In order to use this air freshener, you will have to expel the entire contents of the bottle at a time inside your car within 15 minutes. Note that you are not allowed to stay in while the air freshener is activated. It is also advised to set the bottle with the air freshener on some low level in your car in order to prevent the product from being spread on the headliner of your car.

According to the manufacturer, Turtle Wax Odor-X Whole Car Blast leaves the fog which will be circulating inside the vehicle and especially its HVAC system.

Blue Magic Citrus Air Freshener Orange

If you want to get a really natural product for freshening the air inside the cabin of your car and to be able to enjoy a pretty long-lasting effect, you can try Blue Magic Citrus Air Freshener Orange.

The six-pack of this air freshener costs around 40 USD. According to its manufacturer, it is made from natural essential oils of citrus fruits with the addition of nonaerosol propellants.

Fragrance diffusers

If you have already used an oil diffuser, you might know they are somewhat more expensive than other types of air fresheners, however, they are also known for quite intensive fragrances. Here are some ideas for purchasing an oil diffuser for your car.

Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser is a great option for anyone who would like to choose exactly the fragrance one likes without being limited to a choice offered by a manufacturer. This is so since the diffuser for essential oils offered by Anzazo actually doesn’t contain any fragrance itself. You can use any essential oil you prefer with this diffuser.

Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser is a magnetised locket made of stainless still of a quite small size. The diffuser has a special absorbent pad inside which will hold a couple of drops of the fragrance you would like to use inside your car. This locket can be fixed to any air vent in the vehicle. Once the air of the climate control gets through this vent, the aroma of your essential oil will be spread inside the car.

The average price for this diffuser is nearly 30 USD.

Other options of diffusers liked by many drivers are Febreze Car Vent Air Freshener and EZBasics Prochain Car Air Freshener.