Which one is better a sedan or a hatchback?

The modern automotive market has a large variety of car models which can be divided into ten basic categories. Several of them ,including both sedans and hatchbacks, can be grouped as “passenger cars”. Some time ago, you would have no difficulties with distinguishing one type from another, however, today the differences between sedans and hatchbacks have been blurred. This article will provide you with some basic information useful for understanding the features of these two popular types of passenger cars and decide which one you prefer most.


Sedan is one of the most classic types of passenger cars since its body style has already been unchanged for over seventy years. The cars of this type can be characterised by a typical construction which divides their bodies into three basic parts which is also sometimes referred to as a three-box design. The first box of the sedan’s body is earmarked for its engine, the second one is a passenger’s spaces whereas the third one is the car’s trunk. Actually, the separate trunk which in which one can hide the luggage making it completely invisible from the outside since it is wholly enclosed.

Although you can easily find the models of sedans in which you will be able to fold the rear seats down in such a way as to fit rather large objects in the trunk, the standard position of the seats which is completely upright, won’t allow you to accommodate such objects inside the car. This upright position the seats hides the inside of the trunk completely.


Unlike sedans, hatchbacks consist of two boxes. The first box contains the engine whereas the second one has a space for both passengers and cargo. Because of such a relatively simple construction, hatchbacks used to be cheaper than the majority of other car models. Some experts even used a special term “econobox” for describing hatchbacks since these cars were both economy and boxy.

The most typical hatchbacks of the previous generation are Dodge Omnis, VW Golfs, Ford Escorts and Renault Le Cars. There were four or two doors in such cars and a hatch which was a flip-up tailgate of a one-piece construction fixed on special tails.

Of course, you will hardly take the old hatchbacks for sedans. Yet, the modern generation of the cars of this type go far beyond econoboxes.

Today, the design of hatchbacks has become particularly sophisticated with sleek rooflines gently sweeping down connecting with the bumpers located in the rear part of the car. You won’t find any harsh square forms in the new models of hatchbacks and many of them are no longer cheap.

The examples of such stylish new hatchbacks are Hyundai Elantra GT, Mazda 3 and Honda Civic Sport. Furthermore, some of the modern hatchbacks with their fashionable design and large cargo capacity have entered really expensive categories of cars such as luxury and sports cars. Mercedes-AMG GT53, Buick Regal Sportback and Audi A5 Sportback are great illustrations of pricey and classy hatchbacks.

Pay your attention to the fact, that some manufacturers call the cars of this type coupes or sports cars as well. Yet, since you are now aware of their construction, you can definitely distinguish a hatchback from other popular types of cars.

The greatest difference between sedans and hatchbacks

If you have read the previous parts of the article, you are certainly aware of the fact that a simple box-like design is no more a feature of modern hatchbacks, so their appearance can be as elegant as the one of sedans. That is why this detail can’t be called a difference between the two types of cars.

Yet, the cargo capacity still remains the major difference between hatchbacks and sedans which is usually one of the most essential elements deciding on your final choice of a passenger car.

The hatchback cargo space

As you know, there is no tray for a package in the cargo area of hatchbacks. Thus, opening the rear hatch door, you get access to a large space where you can hide quite large or bulky objects.

Despite the fact hatchbacks do not have traditional trunks, you can still be sure your valuable possessions will be hidden from the eyes of other people. This can be easily done by pulling out a soft cover designed for hiding the cargo area of hatchbacks. Some models of this type have a solid package tray which can be swung up. Whenever you feel these additional elements for covering the luggage are limiting the cargo space, you can simply remove them. A large hatch door itself is highly useful since you can accommodate large objects in the car easier than it is with the trunk door of sedans.

Furthermore, the majority of hatchbacks will allow you to fold their rear seats so you can extend the cargo area even more.

The sedan trunk

As you can imagine, the cargo space inside a sedan trunk is far more limited than it is in hatchbacks. Not only is the height of the trunk is rather small not allowing you to carry many bulky objects, but the width of the trunk is also limited.