Everything you need to know about car wax

Even if you do not pay particular attention to the gleam of your car, you certainly will not have anything against making it shine again. One of the major products used for getting this effect is special car wax. Actually, car wax is not only a substance which can improve the appearance of your vehicle, but it is also one of the ways to give the painted surface of the vehicle some extra protection. Are you interested to give your car some shining effect? You will find a lot of important information on the topic here.

What is car wax?

Car wax is a special type of coating which is used for covering the top layer of a car paint. Today, the majority of modern cars have their top layers of paint as a clear coat which is made of hard and clear paint. This layer usually hides to other layers of coating which are a base primer and a colour coat. While their function is usually connected with the adhesiveness of the paint, the shine of your car is contingent on the quality of the clear coat.

Unfortunately, this layer of paint is rather susceptible to various mechanical and chemical damages. It can get easily damaged even by the spinning brushes used at car washes. Of course, the impact of such brushes won’t make any serious scratches on the layer of the car paint, but it can lead to the occurrence of small cavities on its surface which will make your car shine less and less.

Applying a layer of wax on your car will fill any tiny crevices on the layer of paint making the surface smoother. The smoother the surface is, the shinier your car is. In addition to it, using waxes of a really high quality, you will be also able to protect the paint of the car from smears, tree sap, small scratches as well as bird droppings which can be rather harsh for the paint of your car.

Which car wax is the best?

Undeniably, now, when you know the abilities of car wax of a high quality, you are certainly wondering which product available on the market is the best. There is a number of parameters which has an impact on the quality of car wax.

Certainly, in the first place, it is the ability of the wax to improve the gloss of your car. Since we are also interested in having this gloss on the vehicle for as long as possible, wax durability is also crucial. The ease of application and removal should also be taken into consideration. Furthermore, as we have already mentioned, it will be great if the wax not only cleans the surface of the paint layer on your car but also protects it from UV rays as well as mechanical and chemical impacts up to a reasonable extent. Finally, you should be aware of the fact that even the best car wax  should be reapplied every 2-3 months. That is why, if you want to use it regularly, it can’t be too expensive.

The types of car wax

So far, there are three basic types of wax used for cars which are available in a liquid form, as a spray-on and in the form of a paste.

Let’s look at all of them.


If you want to improve the finish of your new car or are looking for a product which will let you perform a very quick waxing job, sprays will be the best for you. Wax in the form of a spray doesn’t allow any special skills or a long time for its appliance and it can be easily removed as well. Undeniably, these are great advantages of such a product, however, they are also resulting in poor durability of the product. They can’t clean the paint deeply and are not particularly resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Liquid wax

If you are an owner of a pretty old car which has already spent a lot of time on the road, you should refer to liquid wax especially to the products containing carnauba wax well-known for its great durability and creating quite appealing gloss. In addition to it, many of the waxes of this type will clean the finish of the paint on your car.

Paste wax

The group of paste waxes is rather controversial. On the one hand, they are regarded as the products with somewhat better durability which results is a prolonged shine effect. On the other hand, these attributes are not making an especially large difference especially taking into consideration the difficult appliance of this type of wax.

Further recommendations for choosing wax for your car

Undeniably, there are also different price categories for wax products, albeit, in the case of these goods, there is no rule of getting better wax for paying more. Actually, the majority of expensive car waxes do not outperform cheaper products. The best approach to the choice of car wax will be getting a liquid product of a medium price.

If your car has already been on the road for a couple of years, you can make the waxing process somewhat more sophisticated by applying a dual-action orbital buffer and covering it with a special polishing compound. Wax the car only after going through these two steps. This will allow you to fill any cavities before you actually start waxing the vehicle, so the shining effect will be even more intense and the durability of the wax layer will be improved.