How to prepare your car for waxing?

Car waxing is one of the most popular ways to add your vehicle extra shine. If you manage to choose a product of a high quality, you will be able to not only to improve the shine of an old car, but also to prolong the shine of the paint layer of a new car. This is possible since some types of waxes are also featured with an ability to protect the surface of cars against UV rays and tiny scratches as well as the mud, dust and microscopic damages left by the brushes used for washing vehicles.

Fortunately, good car waxes are not expensive at all and, actually, you have a chance of purchasing a product of a high quality which is not necessarily of the premium category. Yet, in order to get the maximum out of your car wax, you should prepare for this procedure in an appropriate way. This article will provide you with recommendations which will help you to get the best possible effect of car waxing.

Choose your wax product

Undeniably, first of all, you need to decide which wax to choose for your car. There is a variety of waxes available on the market, albeit, the majority of them fall in one of three groups. Each of them has its own pros and cons and can be recommended depending on the condition of the paint on your car.

Providing you are looking for an effective wax product which will be able to clean the pain on your old car and give it extra protection, you should choose liquid waxes. The maximum effect can be achieved with the products including the carnauba wax. Such waxes are featured by high durability.

If you are an owner of a brand-new car with a layer of paint in the ideal condition, you should pay your attention to waxes in the form of sprays. Although their effect is not the most long-lasting, they can be easily applied and are generally enough for the cars with a perfect paint layer. Of course, if you want to get additional protection for the shining paint of your vehicle from the very beginning, you can also choose a liquid wax.

The maximum durability features paste waxes, however, in practice, the shinning effect they are giving is not particularly longer than the one offered by liquid waxes. Furthermore, you will need a lot more time and effort to apply such a wax on your car and, in all likelihood, to pay more for the product. For these reasons, paste waxes are not often recommended, yet, if you are thus dedicated to your car, you can try one of the pastes available on the market.

The preparation of your car before waxing

Once you have got your wax, it is time to prepare your vehicle for waxing.

The major preparation step is thorough cleaning of your car since it will guarantee you better durability of your wax. It is recommended to wash the vehicle on your own rather than to take it to the cleaning service. Take special car soap, a soft cloth and wash the surface of the car thoroughly. Rinse the soap with a large amount of water, otherwise, the wax might not be able to hold on your car as it is supposed to be.

In case your car need even more advanced cleaning, you should remove any gunk and road tar with a special chemical cleaner. You can also purchase a clay-bar product which is used for removing any hard particles and stains from the car in a gentle way leaving the car surface smooth.

Your car will be even better prepared for waxing if you use IPA (50% isopropyl alcohol). This product will help you to dissolve any oils and fillers which might be present on your car.

In such a way, your car is completely clean and is in its optimal condition for further procedure. Yet, before you start applying any products, don’t forget to hide the vehicle from the direct sun rays. It is not recommended to wax your car while it is exposed to the sun.

Increasing the protection of your car and maximising the shine

Even though you might be an owner of a totally new car and you have just made all the steps of washing it, waxing will still not give you any fantastic effects since generally, the gleam will start fading after five weeks of having your car covered with wax. The majority of waxes have to be replied after two or three months of using your car and this is just a nature of this product.

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to prolong the effect, however, you will have to combine waxing with other procedures. For instance, a great idea is to purchase a special orbital buffer of dual actions which will polish your car prior to waxing. It doesn’t matter which type of wax you will be using afterwards, polishing will help you to get rid of any small scratches and marks which will make the surface more smooth itself. Don’t worry if you have never polished your car, with the use of a dual-action orbital buffer, you will be able to do it in the safest and simplest way.

Finally, if you are looking for a really extreme effect for shining and protection of the car paint, you should pay your attention to a different group of products rather than to waxes. For instance, ceramic coatings and paint sealants are the substances which can really provide your car with ultimate protection. Some of these products you will be able to apply on your own.