Great books about cars and driving for car enthusiasts of all ages

Are you a real driving addict or car enthusiast who enjoys learning about this topic any possible information? May be your child is already showing the interest in driving and you would like to nourish his or her thirst for knowledge? No matter whether it is about you, your kids, other relatives or friends, here you have a set of great books about cars and driving dedicated to different ages!

Discover the world of vehicles and driving with your children

What can be more exciting than seeing your children being interested in your own hobby? Even if your kid is still a baby and is not sure whether he or she likes cars at all, you can always introduce the child into the fascinating world of automobiles and other transport right now. These books will help you to do it.

Peel + Discover: Cars! Trucks! Trains! And More

The youngest car enthusiasts will be happy to spend several hours peeling colourful stickers depicting various forms of transport and finding fascinating facts about the modern transportation revealed under the stickers. A great fun for children and parents is guaranteed!

Peel + Discover: Cars! Trucks! Trains! And More can be purchased online for nearly 10 USD.

ABC’s For Future Race Car Drivers

Can you come up with a better way for learning alphabet than with the book dedicated to racing cars? Of course, there is hardly a more efficient way of learning ABCs!

Pick the ABC’s For Future Race Car Drivers book for around 12 USD and introduce your child to racing. The illustrations and texts used in the book are all related to racing and racing cars helping parents to teach alphabet to their kids in the most automotive way!

Photo albums dedicated to cars

No matter whether you are a car enthusiast or a fan of artistic photography, you will definitely find beauty in the sophisticated photos of cars. Books which are actually albums of photos will be great items for your own collection or a collection of your friend and, at the same, time, they are excellent for exploration with your kids.

Urban Cars: Brooklyn

Undeniably, a brand-new car always pleases the eye, however, like with abandoned places, used vehicles or even abused ones are featured with a different type of beauty which has millions of devotees. if you are one of them, you should pay your attention to a new album of photos dedicated to old cars found by the photographers around Brooklyn in New York.

The Urban Cars: Brooklyn photo album is available for the price of 20 USD.

Colour Your Classic Car!: A Colouring Book for Adults

Although Colour Your Classic Car! is a colouring book and not an album with photos, you will still have a variety of illustrations of classic cars here. You might have already heard about the therapeutic relaxation effect of colouring pictures or may be even have had a chance of trying this amazing activity. Why not to combine it with your love for cars?

Colour Your Classic Car!: A Colouring Book for Adults is a great choice if you want to get a set of nice pictures for colouring. Yet, you should bear in mind this book is really dedicated to adults. Furthermore, it contains the pictures of the European cars in the first place.

The books about history of motorisation

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the real car enthusiasts enjoy not only driving but also reading about the history of the development of vehicles and particular brands. Do you know such a person or are you the one yourself? Then, pay your attention to these books which combine a massive amount of information about history and excellent collections of photos!

Lorries of Arabia

Lorries of Arabia is a unique book dedicated to the semi-truck drivers showing the world through their perspective. At the same time, the book contains a lot of amusing information about the truck vehicles. The book is definitely worth attention of truck drivers as well as anyone who are attracted by gigantic vehicles.

The books for the fans of BMW

Of course, you do not have to be exactly a fan of BMWs to be able to get absorbed into the history of this leading brand of the automotive industry. BMW history books are simply exciting to read and look through relishing fantastic photos of these classy cars.

At the moment, you have a chance to get two new books dedicated to BWS both of which were written by Jackie Jouret who is a noted BMW authority.

If you are interested in the history of the BMW factories in the first place, you should pick Heroes of Bavaria which goes back to the 1930s. Icon is dedicated to a particular model of BMW which is the BMW 2002. This model of the popular brand is of huge significance since it helped the German brand to get special recognition in the USA of an outstanding manufacturer of sports sedans.

Corvette Special Editions

Don’t forget to check Corvette Special Editions which can be purchased online for nearly 45 USD. In this book written by Keith Cornett, you will get an insight into the documentation of the features of Chevrolet Corvette, its specification and prices represented in an encyclopaedic way. Of course, an amazing collection of photos of this famous sports car is also included into Corvette Special Editions.