How much does car wrapping cost and is it worth it?

Undeniably, the possibility of personalising your car is very attractive, especially if you regard your car as one of the accessories of your style or its personalisation is needed by your business, for instance, using your vehicle for advertising your company.

There are many techniques used for personalising your transport, however, such one as wrapping provides drivers and car owners with a space for almost unlimited creativity. In case you are interested in wrapping your car, you will definitely find this article useful as it will inform you about many details connected with modern option for personalising cars.

What are the costs of wrapping a car?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the most crucial questions which should be answered before you decide whether to wrap your car or not is the one is concerning the costs of such a procedure. It turns out that the prices of the wrapping service can vary a lot.

First of all, as you can imagine, the price of the wrapping procedure depends a lot on the design you would like to choose for your car. Wrapping allows you to apply the vinyl decals featured with different effects. Some of them will create a matte finish on your car whereas others can be used for making the old paint of your vehicle shine. Actually, these are only some basic options since the design for vinyl wrapping is made digitally which means you can create absolutely different versions of appearance for your car with this technique. Some special effects, such as the look of a carbon-fibre composite material will cost a way more whereas chrome effects can be even more expensive.

Some sophisticated graphics may require applying several layers of vinyl decals on your car. Thus, the whole procedure will demand a longer time of work as long as more materials increasing the overall price of wrapping.

Secondly, you shouldn’t forget that the size of your car itself influences the final price of wrapping. Yet, not only the size of the vehicle is important. In some cases, the model and especially, the body style of a car is even more crucial. This is so since some of the cars are featured with somewhat complex body curvature which makes it rather difficult to apply vinyl decals. This means that if your car has a quite flat and smooth shape, wrapping it will not require thus much work, however, if it has rather curvaceous elements or panels of a sharply creased shape, you will definitely have to pay extra money for wrapping such a model of vehicle.

According to these details of the car wrap[ping technique, you will almost always pay more for a four-door sedan than for a coupe which has only two doors.

On top of that, thorough specialists will also remove particular parts of your car temporarily in order to adjust the vinyl decals better to your car. Still, if your car is of the type in which it is rather difficult to detach these parts, for instance, the covers of the rear and front bumpers, this will also add extra costs to the final price of the wrapping service.

Final price estimation

Certainly, the price for wrapping your car also depends on the place where you are planning to do it. Yet, here you have some basic estimation of the prices for this service.

As it has been mentioned before, coupes can be wrapped for less money than for-door cars under the condition their body shape is quite simple. For instance, such a model with two doors as a Fiat 500 will require at least 2000 USD for wrapping using the vinyl decals of some basic design. At the same time, a large coupe, for example, a Ford Mustang, will cost you some 3500 USD as a starting price for wrapping. The same amount of money is generally used for standard wrapping of vans, SUVs and trucks of a small size.

As you have already understood, this estimation of costs is related to basic styles of wrapping. If you are interested in creating some more sophisticated effects on your car, for instance the effect of chrome, it will cost you at least 6000 USD for the smallest coupes.

Certainly, it is not a limit and for highly complex designs, particularly large cars or vehicles of pretty exotic shapes, you might have to pay even more than 10,000 USD for wrapping.

Is wrapping worth its price?

Wrapping can be a great option for anyone who needs to personalise their vehicle, however, in some cases, there is no sense in using this technique.

It is sensible to cover your vehicle with vinyl decals if your car is featured with a quite smooth surface of paint. A layer of vinyl will help you to protect a new car against mechanical and chemical damages and it can also be a good substitute to repainting an old car. Still, if your car’s paint is already in a rather bad condition, this will shorten the lifespan of vinyl decals drastically, which normally lasts up to five years.

Wrapping is also a great idea for people who have borrowed their cars with the leasing service and are actually not allowed to make any changes in the transport. Wrapping will let you to put your advertisement on the car and then take it off without any traces.

Finally, you should be aware of the fact drastic weather can be rather harsh for vinyl decals. If the sun is too intense, you should hide your car from its rays. Too low temperatures can also damage vinyl.