How much will you pay for getting your car painted?

Getting your car painted is always a great experience as anyone will be satisfied by seeing his vehicle refreshed and becoming good-looking again. Of course, this is the truth under the condition you pay a reasonable price for the paint job which certainly depends on various factors. Actually, the prices of car-painting services can be absolutely different even when it comes to a seemingly equal amount of work. If you need more information about the budget required for painting a car, you will definitely find this article useful.

The range of prices for having your car painted

First of all, let’s discuss the general tendency when it comes to the prices of this popular car service.

Depending on the place where you are going to paint your car, you might come across some pretty economical painting services which will perform some basic painting job only for a couple of hundreds of dollars. The average price for such a service applied to passenger cars is around 560 USD. It isn’t too much, is it?

Unfortunately, such a price goes with its coast and the majority of car owners find the quality of a cheap paint job insufficient. An average car user in the US pays at least a thousand of dollars for a more thorough car-painting service, whereas an excellent quality, or, as it is usually referred to a “show-room” effect, costs at least 2500 USD.

These prices concern basic colours and design. The more complex effects you would like to get, the more you will have to pay for getting your car painted. Such paints as for instance, the one with a metallic finish or using several colours on the same car, let alone creating more sophisticated design, can cause much more hitting the amount of tens of thousands of dollars.

For that reason, the first thing you need to do before choosing a car-painting service is which quality of the paint job you need.

How much surface of your car do you need to get painted?

Firstly, decide whether you really need to repaint the entire vehicle or if you can make do with painting it only partially. For instance, for painting exclusively the hood of your car, you might pay only 200 USD depending on the service. If you want to repair some spots of peeling paint coming from minor damages, this can be enough. Yet, if you would like to repaint your car used in rather cool parts of the world, it might turn out that the vehicle has some spots of rust hidden under the paint and not visible without a thorough examination.

At the same time, the cars driven through rather hot and sunny locations are particularly affected by the exposition to the UV rays. They damage the paint with time leaving large areas with faded paint on such parts of your car as its roof, rear deck and hood.

Which final quality of car paint job do you want to achieve?

As you have already learnt, it is possible to have a very budget-friendly car paint job, however, you shouldn’t expect too much of it.

Generally, cheap car painting services are performing only basic work which includes protecting the parts of your car which shouldn’t be covered by paint and painting the car. This can be a good option for those people who are going to sell their cars after having them repainted. Yet, this will be a good approach only in the case when these cars’ surfaces are in a quite good condition.

This is so since the basic car-painting surfaces won’t perform any repair job of the rust and dings, while simply covering them with a fresh layer of paint is rather bad idea. On the one hand, you won’t be able to hide these problems from the potential buyers of your car, since a layer of paint can make the damages even more visible. On the other hand, rust will continue spreading in the metal even while being hidden under the paint.

Appropriate preparation for painting is partially responsible for a high price of the service. This can include not only fixing the imperfections on the surface of your car but also sanding off the layer of the previous paint.

Of course, don’t forget that more expensive car-painting services will also remove some parts of your car and even the window glass in order to paint the vehicle really thoroughly including all the hidden places. The prices for really advanced car paint jobs can start from 5000 USD. Paying such a sum of money will guarantee you won’t see any traces of the old paint as well as the traces of a new paint in the places it is not supposed to be, such as the rubber located near the glass.

Which service should you choose for painting your car?

We have already explained who can feel free to use cheap car-painting shops. Yet, if you are planning to use your car for a couple of years after repainting it, you should opt for better services.

Still, it doesn’t mean you should pay the highest price for getting your car painted. In the majority of cases, regular passenger cars will definitely benefit from painting worth 2000-4000 USD, however, it is highly recommended to get the paint job of the supreme quality in the case of rather expensive cars such as vintage vehicles, exotic cars or exclusive sports cars.