Is the colour of your car important?

Which colours of cars do you prefer? Is it at all important for you?

We bet it is even if you might not be able to distinguish minimal differences in the shades of the same colour or even have more serious troubles with understanding colours. Actually, according to the research carried out by PPG which is one of the leading suppliers of paint in the automotive industry approximately 60% of potential car byers find the colour of a vehicle as a major factor influencing their final decision. Undeniably, this goes beyond popular jokes about people uninterested in cars and driving who can distinguish the cars only by their colour.

This literally means that a colour of a car is crucial to different people. If you are one of them, you might be interested to learn how colours are chosen for new car models and more facts about the appearance of passenger vehicles.

The most popular car colours and the reason why they are the most popular

You shouldn’t be any expert of the automotive industry to be able to name the most widespread colours of modern cars. The first ones you might recall are undeniably blacks, silvers and greys. White cars might seem to be less popular, however, the white colour is also considered to be a top one nowadays. Actually, the three quarters of all car sells five years ago consisted of the cars exactly in these colours.

Do you really like cars in such colours or do you find them rather boring? In all probability, the majority of car owners have their own preferences when it comes to the colours of their vehicles. Still, it might be rather difficult for car manufacturers to guess these exact tastes in colours. For that reason, they adopted a practice of making cars in neutral and simple colours which will be found attractive by the majority of drivers. Even if these drivers like blues or reds, they will still not feel such aversion to a white car or a black one as the one who finds bright colours rather offensive.

Furthermore, you might think since the purchasers of luxury cars can afford changing vehicles more frequently, the market of such machinery is characterised by a better diversity of colours. Still, it is not the case and luxury cars are also produced primarily in greys, silvers, blacks and whites.

Of course, if you want to sell the car you yourself have been using, it will be easier for you to do it, if your car is in a neutral car as well.

What makes regular colours look better on the cars?

Although neutral colours might appear boring, they definetely look great on new cars. This is so not only because they are brand-new with a fresh shining layer of paint. Actually, the newest car models are featured by more advanced paint job which creates more appealing effect even though it is based on the neutral colours mentioned above.

For instance, a different effect can be achieved by mixing the base coat with the primer. Applying a clear coat with a colour tint one the coat of a metallic base will give yet another finish to a vehicle. Today, you can also find many cars painted by a three-layer process which creates a particular deep effect of the paint. This is achieved by applying a clean coat with no aluminium or mica first. The second coat adds these substances to the surface and finally, a layer of the clear coat covers the car surface.

As you can imagine, various techniques can make your car sparkle intensely or shine like a mirror.

How new colours are added to the car palette?

You might not be aware of this, but automakers are picking colours for their vehicles from different sources, being inspired by nature, architectural trends, shades popular in electronics or even fashion trends.

Despite of all those most widespread neutral colours described above, there are particular tendencies on the market today. For instance, such colours as golds, oranges and shades of brown are becoming more and more popular now. In addition to them, the light shades of blue are returning to the market after a break.

When it comes to the special finishes and effects, paint job with colour hues created by pigments with an ability to shift colours used in trace amounts is quite widespread. At the same time, the mass market of cars has also adopted such techniques as matte finish painting and two-tone painting which were used only for luxurious exotic vehicles.

How long an original layer of paint can last?

Car painting services take a lot of money for repainting vehicles, especially if a client is interested in the job of a high quality. Fortunately, if you are able to avoid any unpleasant incidents which can damage your car as well as its paint, you can count on the finish lasting for at least ten years. Of course, this is possible if only you are taking appropriate care of your car including frequent but gentle washing and regular waxing.

In addition to it, you should minimise the car explosion to direct sun rays as much as possible, especially, if you live in really hot areas.