New facts about the first car manufactured by Apple

All of the real fans of the Apple brand are waiting for the first car developed by its designers to be released on the market. Needless to say it is curious what the team of Apple are preparing for their clients. An even more crucial question is when we should wait for this vehicle to be released.

What is an Apple car supposed to be?

First of all, as you can imagine the vehicle developed by Apple will be based on electricity just like all of the cutting-edge passenger cars developed today. Even though there was no such a plan at the beginning, now the team of designers are working on turning their model into a completely automated version so that it can be used without a driver. Still, there has been no final decision when it comes to the emergency system of manual steering. It is possible that the designers will decide to add it to their car after all.

According to the engineers of Apple, the driverless system of steering the car which is based on artificial intelligence is almost ready for usage.

As you can imagine, the information system used in this car will be compatible with the services offered by Apple.

What is about the appearance of the first Apple car?

Needless to say, a lot of attention is paid to the style and elegance of this car. At some point, it will be similar to Lifestyle developed by Canoo. The crucial feature of the internal design of this car is the location of the seats. It is planned to make the car in such a way as to allow people sit seeing each other like in a limousine. The idea id also to set a touchpad in the middle of the passenger area which will resemble an iPad. This will be a mean of communication with an information system used in the car.

More on the development of the first driverless car by Apple

Interestingly, at first there were two projects planned by Apple. The first type of a car it was planning to release was only partially driverless. The initial idea was to dedicate such a device to people with health conditions not allowing them to use a car on their own.

Another direction for research was a creation of a completely driverless vehicle. Actually, this is a dream of many modern companies which have already spent on the research a rather long time. Unfortunately, according to experts, the probability of creating such a car is not high and the experience of the major automotive brands is a proof to it. No one of them has managed to create a model of a car which can completely rely only on the computer system despite all the financial support of such projects.

When is the brand planning to release their first driverless car?

Certainly, a crucial question is what the deadline for this project is. Not so long ago the representatives of the company were speaking about the time of around five-seven year which they will need for the release of the car on the market. The most recent information is different though. Now, the company is planning to spend no more than four years on the project.

Actually, a lot depends on the time required for finishing the driverless system itself. Once it is done, the car will satisfy the initial plan of the company.

Yet, it is also possible that the company will just release the car as a partially driverless vehicle in case there are any difficulties with bringing its driverless system to the appropriate level.

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