The most frequent questions about windshield replacement

If by any chances you are one of the people whose car has just got its windshield broken or damaged, you might be frantically searching for any information regarding getting a fix of your car. For that reason, we have collected the most frequently asked questions regarding such a situation in this article so as you will learn everything you need to know about having your windshield replaced.

What should be your first steps if a windshield is broken?

Certainly, the actions you are going to take depend on what exactly has happened to the windshield of your car. Thus, if the windshield got broken, the action you should take is filing a claim. This should be done right away after the damage occurs and before you take any steps to repair the damage. This is a very urgent situation and it is advised to report it even when it happened on the way. You will need to make a stop as soon as possible and make a report of the claim.

Fortunately, in the majority of cases the damages are not absolutely total like they are when the windshield is completely broken and is gone. The windshield can just cracked or chipped, however, these are the cases when you want to report the damages as well even if they seem to be pretty small. In such a situation, you will need to make a comprehensive claim. Just like it is in the case of having your windshield totally broken, you will need report the claim before you start the repairmen procedure.

Why is it so urgent to file a claim in the case of the windshield damage?

As it has already been mentioned, you will need to make a report before the repairing procedures, so, as long as you refrain from reporting the case, you will have to wait to get your car fixed. In the majority of situations, this can lead to developing further damage to your windshield. It is crucial to note that such damages as chips or cracks have a tendency to spread. That is what you certainly want to avoid.

Is it a good idea to replace a windshield with the insurance coverage?

If you have checked the question about the deductible, you now know that in the majority of situations, you will have to pay for this service on your own. Considering this fact, you might come to a conclusion that receiving insurance coverage for repairing the windshield might not always be a sensible idea.

Obviously, it will make sense only if the costs for the repair are greater than the price of the deductible services of your insurance company. As you can imagine, if you have to pay 500 USD for having your glass replaced and 200 USD for the deductible service, it will make perfect sense to use the help of insurance company in covering the costs of the repair. Yet, the costs of the damage will not always be higher than the deductible and you should remember about this.

Is there an official requirement for repairing a windshield?

In order to find an answer to this question, you should refer to the law of the exact place where you are going to drive your car. Different countries have different regulations for glass repair and even inside the USA you will see discrepancies in the low.

For example, in the USA, the majority of states do not have any requirements for safety inspections which means in theory you can drive your car even with a pretty damaged glass. Still, there are some sates with the regulations for safety inspections and there, you will have to adjust your act appropriately to pass them. In such places only a small damage will not prevent your car from passing such an inspection.

Still, it is crucial to understand that driving a car even with a small damage of a windshield is rather dangerous thing to do since such damages have a tendency of spreading causing even more cracks to occur on your windshield. This can not only increase the price of repair when you finally need one, but it will also be a threat to you and your passengers.

What can be done if the insurance programme you are using do not cover the damage of the windshield?

If you have never used your car insurance, getting your windshield broken is certainly a case in which you would like to refer to your insurance. This article has told you about the exact steps and their outcomes in the situation when your windshield got damaged, however, it might happen that for some reason you will not be able to use your insurance. Even in such a situation, it is highly recommended to invest into the repair of the windshield. Just as it was mentioned above, driving a car with a damage windshield is both dangerous for the people inside the car and the car itself.

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