Nissan Titan Pro – 4x: a best-selling car in the USA

Nissan has been one of the leading and giant automobile manufactures that goes a way back. Their dominance reigned supreme and remained unchanged, be it on road or off-road. When it comes down to taking your vehicle for an off-road sprint for any purpose, Nissan’s legendary Frontier, Patrol ruled the industry and racing scene like a screaming monster.

In 2020, Nissan’s new model of another one worth looking into came in called the ‘Titan Pro-4x’. With this new updated and killer feature set, Titan Pro-4x rolled on.

Nissan Titan Pro – 4x on the market

Nissan Titan Pro – 4x was enlisted as 13 bestselling track in United States in 2020. The design and look has always been a monster ready to launch its massive power on and off the road. Titan Pro-4x’s 2021 design had a slight update with some features and look. Every person owning one of these beasts feels so proud of one’s selection. It also has a quite reputation of giving your driveway a monstrous presence.

The basic features of Nissan Titan Pro – 4x

Right under the hood, you will find a 5.6 litre endurance v8 engine. This bad boy without a peak is 400 horsepower and 413 pound feet of torque. This engine has its connection to an internal shift of 4-wheel drive system (4wd). It comes with a dual range transfer case and whooping 9 speed automatic transmission.

EPA rate is at 15 miles to the gallon in the city and 21 on the highway. EPA stands for (Environmental Protection Agency) that sets standards for vehicles with a set of rating. This vehicle comes in with a full-fledged off-road package. The bottom of this beast is very well covered with the layers protecting it against hard hits of anything that might be found on the road. Nissan has done a very well job on the bottom. This has a bash plate on the upfront, leading into the skid plate covering the front differential, transfer case, well-covered fuel tank, all ready to go on harsh trail.

The upgrades of Nissan Titan Pro – 4x

We have a way long list of tech upgrade. On the front, you will see two red hooks sticking out confirming how much this beast is  ready to go off-road. The maximum towing capacity cuts out at 9370 pound. A smooth folding down of the rear gate, the surface of the bed is well-aligned to carry your goods. It comes with a customizable rail system, a sleek fold down step coming out from underneath the side of the back gate, is a super convenient way to get on to the bed. The total payload of this vehicle is max out at 1680 pound. Good enough to carry out a heavy equipment you need for your off-road trips.