The best stocking stuffers under 20 USD for real motorheads

Do you have a real motorhead friend or relative who is crazy about anything slightly related to cars? May be you are just searching for interesting ideas for inexpensive presents which can still be useful? In such a case, you should check the suggestions presented in this article which covers a wide variety of small items for cars and their drivers. Check the best deals and fill a perfect gift package staying within modest budget.

Air fresheners

One of the items that can be useful in the car is, undeniably, an air freshener. Of course, on the one hand, such a present might not be the best idea if you are not completely sure about the preferences of your friends and relatives when it comes to different smells. Yet, if are totally aware of which smells they enjoy and which they downright detest, you can pay attention to these amazing air fresheners for cars which will be appreciated by people with a good sense of humour.

Squirrels and underpants

Our favourite one is the Squirrel in Underpants air freshener. Although the smell of such a squirrel is pure forest freshness without any extraordinary additions or twists, the air freshener is featured with cheeky design which will definitely improve the mood of any driver. The price for Squirrel in underpants is around 7.60 USD.

The smell of Bigfoot

If you are ready to pay for an air freshener a bit more, let’s say somewhat over 10 dollars, you can get a personal Bigfoot radiating the freshness of ancient pine woods. Certainly, this will be a perfect present for real fans of the wilderness.

The gadgets for better eating on the go experience

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, many drivers have to consume their food right on the go which sometimes makes the overall driving process somewhat risky. Even if it is not dangerous for other users of the road, it can be just unsafe for your trousers or skirt which can easily have a collision with oily nuggets or French fries. Even if a person makes one’s best to consume all the food inside the car before actually starting driving it, some special gadgets might be useful for making the entire process of eating inside a vehicle more convenient.

Universal holder for French fries

For a price slightly under 7 USD, you can get a fantastic accessory for a car which is a universal French fries holder! This one is simply inserted into any standard cup holder and then, is used for holding French fries in the most optimal upright position so as you will be able to reach them in the most convenient and quickest way.

Saucemoto Dip Clip

Saucemoto Dip Clip is a necessary addition to a car of any person who is really serious about dining inside one’s vehicle. Saucemoto Dip Clip can be fixed to the vent of your car and filled with any type of sauce your prefer whether it is honey mustard, ketchup or ranch. The position of the sauce holder makes it easily accessible, so you will be able to enjoy your nuggets or French fries up to the maximum extent.

The average price of this gadget is around 13 USD, however, you might find it on sale some three dollars cheaper.

Gadgets for hygiene

No matter, whether you are going to eat inside your car or not, being able to clean your hands is always crucial for your health and, especially, in 2020.

Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

A sensible idea will be purchasing a special sanitiser for a car, so as there will be no need to worry about having this essential item with you.

One of the most stylish sanitisers for cars available for a democratic price of 9 USD is Olika Hydrating Hand Sanitizer. Of course, if you want to detach this sanitiser, you will be able to do it easily and, since the bottle is quite small, you will have no problems with taking it with you either in your pocket or in the bag.

Special car gadgets for smartphones

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to imagine one not using a smartphone at least once during driving a car for hours. Yet, every sensible person is completely aware of the dangers such a behaviour can cause on the road. Of course the best solution will be purchasing a convenient phone holder.

Smartphone mounts

There is a gazillion of models of smartphone holders for your car to choose from. Certainly, the choice of one depends on the model of a smartphone itself in the first place, however, there are several other things to take into consideration as well. For example, some of the more expensive phone holders for your car will provide you with a possibility of wireless charging of your smartphone.

Car charger adapter

Needless to say, when it comes to charging your smartphone inside your car, you might be not alone willing to do it on the go. Since the standard opportunities of passenger cars usually make it possible to charge only one phone at a time, a car charger adapter can be a great option for avoiding this problem.

For instance, you can easily find an adapter with six ports which will be suitable for plugging into a standard outlet of 12 volts allowing you to charge all the possible smartphones inside your car simultaneously.