What are driving shoes and do you need them?

What shoes are you wearing while driving? Are your shoes comfortable enough for switching the pedals in your car? May be you are one of those drivers who do not pay any attention to the quality of their shoes worn while driving a car? We hope you are not since this can be rather dangerous for both you and other users of the road.

Actually, the shoes you are wearing as a driver make a huge difference to the overall experience of using your car. For that reason, professional racers never drive their cars in slippers or high heels. Even more, they are using special shoes dedicated exactly to this activity.

If you want to learn more about the unique qualities of racing shoes and the importance of the kind of shoes you are wearing in your car in general, you will find a lot of useful information in this article.

Why are the shoes worn while driving a car important?

There are many aspects which are making inappropriate shoes dangerous for driving a car. One of the major problems coming with some types of footwear such as high heels or flip-flops is that your foot doesn’t have appropriate sensitivity and can’t feel the pedals of your vehicle in an efficient way. As a result, you won’t have enough control over your car which is, undeniably, a serious issue when it comes to the security.

Such footwear as flip-flops can even be lost during the driving time causing some unexpected situations on the road which are always potentially dangerous.

Furthermore, inappropriate shoes can make not only your feet but also legs tire quickly deteriorating your level of control over the vehicle even more.

Because of that reasons, you might come across some recommendations for non-professional drivers to use really comfortable footwear for driving a car which is not always necessarily sport shoes. Other typical examples of convenient driving shoes are loafers and moccasins.

What are driving shoes?

There are many features of good driving shoes.

First of all, the best footwear for driving a car has a quite narrow shape fitting snugly which doesn’t take too much space in the area of your car where the pedals are located.

Secondly, the soles of such shoes are quite thin and very flexible. This is necessary for increasing your feeling of the car pedals since this is a crucial factor for having appropriate control of your car. You can see many models of real racing shoes which are also featured by this type of soles.

Additionally, the soles of driving shoes should have tire-thread patterns. This is essential of getting a better grip of a pedal. Of course, this feature becomes crucial if you are actually planning to wear your driving shoes while using a car with the pedals covered with metal.

Furthermore, the upper part of driving shoes has a special design as well. This one can be made of soft fabric or soft types of leather which also guarantees the user appropriate flexibility facilitating movements of your feet.

On top of that, a rounded shape of the heel is recommended for such shoes since it provides an appropriate driving position and gives more control while you are performing some actions such as, for example, releasing the clutch.

Pay your attention to the fact driving shoes can be used during walking as well. Their special driving-friendly design doesn’t mean they are earmarked exclusively for driving and you will have to change these footwear every time you are getting out of your car. Actually, such shoes are highly comfortable during walking as well and will provide you with the highest level of convenience no matter how many steps you are planning to do during a day.

The leaders of the market of driving and racing shoes

Needless to say, the production of driving and racing shoes is a very specific niche business industry, so you will probably not find thousands of manufacturers of this type of footwear. Yet, the companies producing this type of shoes at the moment are offering great models with stylish design and quite affordable price.

If you are looking for a pair of driving shoes of the highest quality which won’t look like typical footwear built exclusively for participation in professional races and will look great outside your car as well, you should pay your attention to the European manufacturer Piloti. In point of fact, Piloti with its hand-made driving shoes is currently a leader of the market. Still, the prices for its shoes are far more affordable than the ones offered by other popular manufacturers of driving shoes, for instance, such as Gucci.

Currently, Piloti is offering footwear of four types of models which are high top shoes, low top shoes, loafers and sneakers. The prices for the leather high shoes starts from 159 USD whereas the minimum price for low top shoes also made of real leather is only 125 USD. The same minimum price is for the sneakers produced by Piloti. The cheapest loafers from this manufacturer cost 129 USD.