The freshest car-buying statistics – meet an average car buyer of 2020

Have you ever thought about the way other people are buying cars? What are their preferences when it comes to the car types? Which models are the most popular? What is the average age of car buyers and how does it influence their choices?

Actually, it is not so easy to find complete statistics about car purchases and, definitely, such statistics differs a lot from country to country. Yet, you can get some insights of the topic in this article which is related to the market of new passenger cars in the USA in the first place.

The most popular models of passenger cars in 2020

The modern trend of buying SUVs is still here. Many drivers prefer sport utility vehicles to other types of cars because of their convenience, relatively spacious interiors and a great cargo capacity. In 2020, the most popular model of a small SUV is Subaru Crosstrek in the white colour. White Toyota Highlander is the most popular model of a mid-size SUV this year. The most favourite luxury model of the SUVs of the mid size is white Lexus RX.

The most frequently purchased compact SUV is white Toyota RAV4 whereas white BMW X3 is the most popular luxury SUV of the compact size. As you can see, the preferable colour for SUVs of different sizes in 2020 is white.

Generally, the white colour is the most frequently chosen by the car buyers this year. For instance, the greatest number of compact cars sold this year were white Hondas Civic and white Teslas Model 3 as a luxury version of a compact car. White Toyota Camry is so far the most favourite model of a mid-size car while Dodge Charger is the most popular large car among the customers. The exception comes with the luxury versions of mid-size and large luxury cars which are most black this year. The preferred models of the cars of these types are BMW 5-series and Mercedes S-class.

When it comes to the pickups, the citizens of the USA bought white Fords F-150 as the cars of a full size and grey Toyotas Tacoma as mid-size cars most eagerly.

What are the average prices paid for each category of passenger cars this year?

There is some more interesting statistics for car enthusiasts related to the average prices of the cars of different types purchased this year.

The lowest average sum was $23,698 and it was paid for compact cars. $27,127 was the average price of the small SUVs purchased in 2020. A bit higher average price was paid for mid-size cars and it was equal to $28,687.

The average prices above $30,000 and below $40,000 were related to the compact SUVs and mid-size pickups. The average price of the cars of the first category was equal to $32,785, whereas the average price of the pickups of the middle size purchased this year was $38,080.

The average sum of money spent by customers for purchasing a large car was $40,656 whereas the average price of the compact luxury cars sold this year is almost $50,000.

The average prices above $50,000 are related to the cars primarily of the luxury category, however, this price group also includes full-size pickups on which customers actually spent more money than on the compact luxury SUVs. Thus, the average price of the compact luxury SUVs purchased in 2020 is $51,232, while the average price of full-size pickups is $51,523.

The highest average prices in 2020 concern mid-size luxury SUVs, mid-size luxury cars as well as large luxury cars. Whereas the difference between the average prices of mid-size luxury SUVs and mid-size luxury cars purchased this year is not thus large being equal to nearly $8,000 ($62,645 for mid-size luxury SUVs and $70,173 for mid-size luxury cars), the average price of the large luxury cars sold in 2020 is a way higher than for these two groups of cars. Thus, the average sum of money spent on purchasing a large luxury car in the USA this year is $102,068.

How is an average age of buyers related to the type of the bought car?

According to the statistics of this year, it turns out that the average age of a customer buying a new car in the USA is at least 45 years. 45 years is exactly the average age of the buyers of compact cars which can be regarded as the cheapest personal vehicles this year.

The average age of buyers of mid-size cars this year is 48 years whereas full-size pickups and mid-size SUVs were purchased in 2020 by the group of buyers featured by the average age of 49 years.

50 years is an average age of buyers of mid-size pickups and small SUVs.

Compact luxury cars, large cars and compact SUVs were purchased by the byers with the average age of 51 years.

Compact luxury SUVs as well as mid-size luxury SUVs were purchased by somewhat older people with the average age of 52 for compact SUVs and 53 years for mid-size SUVs.

Finally, mid-size luxury cars as well as large luxury cars were purchased by the oldest people among customers. The average age for buying a mid-size luxury car this year is 56 years whereas for large luxury cars is 59 years.